THoM Asks: What do you want to see? / by Michael Musto


Everyday The House Of Muscle gets submissions in regards to the vehicles we should feature on the show. And while most of these rides are pretty damn good, we'd like to hear from you, the viewers, for some feedback. However before you post up in the comments, keep in mind that while the cars themselves are fantastic we're also looking for some great stories to go along with them, so please, think about the following questions before you post!

 - What is special about the vehicle? 

 - What have you done with it and or why do you think it should be featured?

 - What does the vehicle mean to you and your family and how long have you had it?

 - What sets it apart from similar models?

 - How often is it driven - remember, we only film drivers here.

See where I'm going with this? 

In short, give us a brief synopsis along with some pics of what you’d like to see and why and we’ll do our best to feature the best of the best. 

Send submissions to: