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(Click the image above to see the episodes)

THoM: The Show

Muscle cars are a threatened breed. They’re too big, too loud, too fast. Too much fun for todays politically correct world of hybrid, electric and driverless cars. So we, the drivers, the builders and the owners need a place online to celebrate the muscle cars’ power and speed, a place to enjoy and revel in their full shock and awe, a place that recognizes and celebrates the whole world of muscle cars.

Where is that place? It’s right here. Welcome, Motor-heads, to The House Of Muscle.

They’re big, brash, in your face and oh-so politically incorrect. The House Of Muscle takes a look inside the world’s obsession with American muscle car. Every month, host Mike Musto travels the country showcasing how these automobiles (and their fanatical owners) help shape the face of today’s automotive culture. Every car has a past, and every owner a story. From home built rat-rods and pro-touring cars, to that priceless work-in-progress, Musto not only profiles the car, the owners and their place in history, but then takes these amazing machines out for a flat-out, no-holds-barred test drive.

THoM: Modern

We are living in the golden age of muscle cars. An age where the mighty V8 has been enhanced with forced induction and where small turbo and supercharged six and four cylinder engines are capable of surpassing the best the 1960s had to offer. These are the Moderns. The cars that have not only reignited our muscle car passion but keep the candles of horsepower burning bright in a day when emissions controls and government regulations would love nothing more than to shut them down.

THoM: Tuning

Getting the most out of your classic or modern muscle car is one of the great joys of ownership. Here on The House Of Muscle Tuning show we’re going to bring you the latest and greatest from the aftermarket world and test it under real world conditions. From engine, suspension and brake upgrades to interior enhancements, we’ve gathered some of the best in the business to make sure that you make the right decisions when it comes to updating your ride.

THoM: Extra

The House of Muscle Extra gives you the viewer, a behind the scenes look into those bits and pieces that may not have made it into our full episodes. See extended interviews and outtakes, along with some additional action and fun.